A Photograph Keeps a Moment From Running Away

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We created this product to honor my father, who brought me up on his vintage motorcycle. I inherited a love of motorcycles from him, and have always been passionate about the feeling of freedom behind the handlebars. As a child, I remember riding with my dad – he would take me from place to place on that old bike, and I cherished every moment.

.When my father passed away last year, the memories of us riding together quickly came flooding back. We used to create memories around those recollections of our time spent together on the vintage motorcycle- so we wanted to immortalize that in an image. That’s why we decided to improve this picture – so that it could always remind us of our past adventures, and keep my father alive in our hearts forever. His legacy will continue through these photos, keeping his memory alive for years to come.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


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We have always been passionate about vintage motorcycles, ever since we began riding them in our hometown as teenagers. Our love of photography has also fuelled our lifelong appreciation for these classic machines. Together this became the foundation of our passion projects: combining both to give people the chance to document their experience with an iconic bike or to capture a memory that otherwise would’ve been lost forever.